“The Hardest Paragraph You Will Ever Write”

Katherine Misaiko  Medical Biology – Class of 2013
Now that we have returned from spring break and finished our research, we can begin constructing the exhibit. This begins with introduction theme panels. Each main theme is comprised of several small subthemes that are all different. We must relate and summarize each of these subthemes into a main introduction theme panel. As Professor DeWolfe told us, “this will be the hardest paragraph you will ever write.” Each of our subthemes comes from separate research topics, and we must find a way to put them all together into a cohesive paragraph that can incorporate all of the topics without being overwhelming or disorganized.  
The second challenge the class is working on is selecting a Haley quote to represent our main themes. From over a 300 page diary we must select one quote that can seamlessly bring together all our sections. This will be no easy task. With these two assignments looming over us we have a lot to work to do before we can get our hands on any wood, glue, or paint. Writing these panels and finding a Haley quote includes a lot of group work so that each of the students’ research and opinions can be expressed in the exhibit.
After completion of these tasks, we will get to start planning which artifacts we would like included in our part of the exhibit. There is a private collector who is coming up from the south who has graciously allowed us to borrow his Civil War artifacts for the exhibit. I hope that we will soon be able to get our hands on these rare pieces of history. 

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