Moving On from Research

Richard Bruce, History, Class of 2013
As of recently I have had the chance to bring my actual research to a stop and start to organize the information I’ve found into a comfortable sequence with the rest of my group and class.  While my research left me with pages of information, my next job is to etch away at that surplus of information so that those who visit the exhibit will not be overwhelmed when they hit my team’s theme.
 I was made aware that some of the information I’ve found correlates with a section of one of the other themes being worked on.  This is a mutually beneficial trade as it helps me to narrow down my research and provides good insight for another team.
 Another challenge my team and I have had recently is finding a way to connect John Haley’s voice to our theme, Men and Women on the Homefront, as Haley was with other soldiers at war.  A few suggestions we’ve had are to include any letters between him and his family, or to check his input on matters such as soldiers being discharged or running from duty.  There is still much work ahead of us but the hardest part, extensive research, is over. 

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