Floor Plans and Artifacts and Papers, Oh My!

Katherine Misaiko, Medical Biology, Class of 2013
It seems like the semester is flying by! I feel like it was just yesterday that I was opening John Haley’s diary for the first time and now we are developing the floor plan of the exhibit as well as the content in each of the different sections.
This week as a class we finalized the floor plan and now have been sharing our plans for our individual sections with our fellow classmates. I love how the class is structured as an open discussion as opposed to just lecturing. Each student has a chance for their ideas to be heard and get feedback from fellow classmates which makes for a great work environment.
We have also been working on our artifact list. What artifacts would we like to see in the exhibit? Where can we find them? How do they pertain to our section? Why are they important for viewers to see? We find answers to most of these questions by writing our research papers. Every new topic that I research I find myself adding more artifacts on to my list. The further I get with my paper the more excited I am becoming to finally start the design process of putting my Civil War medicine section together. I am so passionate about the medical field and I hope that when visitors come to view my section they share that excitement.

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