What Fuels Your Curiosity About History?

Codi Riley, Business Administration/History, 2013

After having class at the Saco Museum last week we were given an idea of the actual space we had to fill, and it is HUGE! I think we all realized the scope of the project we had undertaken. This week in class we talked about the layout of our exhibit and what artifacts we want to incorporate in each of our sections. We also each gave a mini synopsis of what we are researching. During the mini synopsis each person gave, I realized how much information we are  covering. Our subjects range from pre-civil war technology and transportation; pre-war life including Haley’; men, women, and children during the war; life of a soldier; medicine; memorials and keepsakes from the war, and the list continues.

This really made me think about why we are in this class. Not everyone in the class is a history major or minor. Our class is made up of a mix of majors from Business, to Medical Biology, History, English, and the Marine Sciences. So I was thinking about what drew people to this class, and what curiosities draw people to history. For this class each person was able to find a subject that they were interested in and would allow them to explore their interest. For each person, history means something different. In turn we can apply these drives to study history to our exhibit. Each of us found something interesting or intriguing to study, and that is what fuels our curiosity for history.  As we work to assemble this exhibit, we will explore and expand on our curiosities and hopefully spark the community to explore their curiosities of history also .

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