From Imaginations to Reality

Kristel Lee, Aquaculture/Aquarium Sciences, 2015

After visiting the Saco Museum and visualizing the space our exhibit will consume, ideas began to flood into my mind. With all the information from all four themes still fresh in my mind, I was eager to get started with how John Haley was going to be represented in our exhibit. Ideas of different artifacts and interactives that could be included in our exhibit were beginning to place themselves around the room. I am a visual learner, so my ideas were more visually inclined. I thought of things that would help me learn and take something from this exhibit if I walked in as someone who knew nothing about the Civil War. Because John Haley acts as our guide from the past, I really want to be able to bring out his voice. I think it would be cool if when people walked into this back room, they felt as if they time traveled back into the Civil War with the specific artifacts we will exhibit. For someone who wouldn’t necessarily go to a museum on her free time, I am determined to create an exhibit that would draw in more people like me. My personal goal is to attract all types of people to this particular exhibit and for everyone to enjoy what our museum team creates!

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