Brick Store

Sarah Hoover, Undeclared, 2016

Yesterday, we mixed things up a little and held class at theBrick Store Museum in Kennebunk,Maine.  Professor De Wolfe provided us with a sheet to help us take notes on the Civil War exhibit.  I really enjoyed this exhibit because it had tons of interactive displays and visual aids.  There were three major themes that are very similar to the ones we will create.  The first theme was Preparing for War, which displayed fashion clothes, including paper cut-outs of clothes which showed guests the many different layers women wore.  On the wall there were volunteer enlistment forms which could be filled out, and “Did You Know?” posts, which provided interesting facts about the war and the soldiers fighting.  The next theme was Kennebunk at War, which included artifacts such as bullets, swords, and saddles.  There was a ten pound sack that illustrates how heavy the average musket was.  Guests are encouraged to try and pack food, plates, and other materials into a knapsack.  Information on disease and death tolls were also displayed.  The last major theme was Kennebunk Women During War, which included what women did to help with the war effort, as well as their every day life, and how it changed because of the war.  One table persuaded guests to write letters to troops stationed over seas.  I thought this museum exhibit was great, and I hope our class strives to work up to the Brick Store’s interactive displays.  This visit taught me a lot about how to please guests, and gave me some great ideas and inspiration to look forward to continuing building our own exhibition!





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