Moving Right Along

Lydia Colbert, Animal Behavior Major, 2013

Today in class we were divided into our working groups based on the preferences that we expressed in our proposals.  There are four themes/working groups: The Civil War; Maine in the Civil War; Women, Men, and the Home Front and Remembering the War.  I was placed in the Remembering the War group.  My team members and I came up with sub-themes to explore in the exhibit and assigned one another our subthemes.  The next step towards completing this exhibit is to research our subthemes and write a paper on each of them.  Eventually, we will turn each of these papers into a paragraph for a text panel that encompasses each subtheme.  I think that the most difficult part of this theme will be instilling Haley’s voice.  His diary does not discuss events after the war, so we will have to really focus on keeping the story about him by researching what became of him after the war.

One way to do this will be to mention his involvement in the establishment of the Saco Civil War Monument, which is located in the center of Saco.  This is part of how Maine remembers the Civil War and also encompasses John Haley’s story.  He played a large role in having the woman added to the monument to commemorate the sacrifices that were made on the home front as well as on the battlefield.  This monument is a great example of how the four themes mesh; the statue was built in memory of Maine’s contribution to the Civil War including those who enlisted and those who stayed home and kept the city functioning.

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