Tragic Histories

Thanh Nguyen, Pre-Pharmacy 2015

Let me start by telling you a little about myself.  I came to the United States when I was 10 years old and it took me a few years to learn the language and start understanding what was taught in class.  For the first few years I didn’t really learn much American history and even though we covered the Civil War I can’t recall much information on it.  So going into the class and doing a whole museum exhibit on the Civil War is overwhelming.  The only advantage I have is my extended knowledge of a different Civil War that occurred in my country, Vietnam.  The only history that I learned is the Vietnam War when I was living in Vietnam.  I’m not going to go into details about the war other than the fact that it was devastating and resulted in mass number of dead.  The worst thing about a Civil War is that you’re fighting the men and women of your country, “killing your own countrymen.” Through my experience with people in Vietnam that personally experienced the war, I know much of an emotional toll it is on a country.  This subject really sparks my interest and I’m really excited to see how the exhibit is going to turn out.

This week we have a huge quiz that determines whether we get to participate in building this exhibit or not, and this alone put everyone in the class on edge.  After the quiz I talked to a couple of classmates and it seem like we all did well, I’m really hoping everyone passed with a C or better and gets to work on the exhibit.  We also submitted the 1st and 2nd choices of the theme that we would like to focus and work on.  These next few weeks, untill the end of the exhibit, will be interesting because we all get to focus in one part of the exhibit and really get working on making this exhibit great.


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  1. edewolfe says:

    Everyone passed the Haley quiz! Kudos to all the good studying in preparation for that test. We now have sixteen students hard at work on the Haley exhibit. Ten weeks until Opening Night.

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