Guidelines for Handing In Final Project: Essay 4

Your final reflection and revision project replaces a final, timed exam. You have been working on this assignment in and outside of class, independently and collaboratively through peer review and other small group work, and/or through conferences with me, and I can continue to me with you through the final day of class. From that point, you should work independently to complete a project that will represent your best work in the course.

The goals of this project align with the Student Learning Outcomes for all sections of ENG 110:

  • Demonstrate the ability to approach writing as a recursive process that requires substantial revision of drafts for content, organization, and clarity (global revision), as well as editing and proofreading (local revision).
  • Be able to integrate their ideas with those of others using summary, paraphrase, quotation, analysis, and synthesis of relevant sources.
  • Employ techniques of active reading, critical reading, and informal reading response for inquiry, learning, and thinking.
  • Be able to critique their own and others’ work by emphasizing global revision early in the writing process and local revision later in the process.
  • Be able to find, evaluate, and use material located through the library’s online catalog, through subscription databases, and through internet search.
  • Document their work using appropriate conventions (MLA).
  •  Control sentence-level error (grammar, punctuation, spelling).

Our scheduled exam time is Monday, May 5th from 12:15-2:15. We will meet in DeCary 202A

What to Hand in: a Checklist

  • Please use the following format to name all documents, including the “first” or “final draft” where applicable: Last Name_Assignment Name
  • Please share all three parts of the assignment as a Google doc with me. You will need to share the meta-commentary as a separate document in order to preserve your comments.
  • Please bring printed copies of all three parts of the assignment.
  • To print your meta-commentary, you will need to download it first. Use the file/“download as”/ .doxc features to do this. These steps are explained in your Help with Google Docs sheet elsewhere on the course site.

 What to Expect for the Exit Exam

On May 5th, you will also be completing an “exit exam” to complement the first day writing prompt you wrote at the beginning of the semester. It will not be factored into your course grade, but if you do not complete the assignment you will not pass the course.

  • You can expect to spend a total of 90 minutes preparing and writing it
  • You should bring note paper and pen or pencil for planning
  • We will use the MAC cart/Google docs in DeCary for drafting
  • You’ll be able to share the document when you complete it.

The Barclay Barrios formula for synthesizing texts

We’ll be working today with a “formula” for synthesizing texts in your paragraphs. Think of it as another kind of template, this one with the specific purpose of bringing together readings in a way that will help you create a new idea that  in turn brings your project or goal for the essay one step nearer completion.

This formula is explained in the introduction to Emerging (16-17). The version I am providing here comes to us courtesy of UNE’s Director of English Composition, Prof. Cripps.