DQ5-Yoshino continued

Now that we’ve discussed Yoshino, in small groups and together, review your responses to DQ4.

  1. Would you revise any of your answers? How?
  2. What do you still want or need to know in order to understand Yoshino’s argument?
  3. What connections do you see between Yoshino’s ideas and those of Lepore, Kadish, or the PostSecret concept?


For Discussion of Yoshino, answer the “Questions for Critical Reading” (Emerging 552)

In addition to answering these questions, please do the following:

  • As you read, compile a list of words or concepts you don’t know. For example, who are the “Romantics” Yoshino compares himself to at the end of the Preface?
  • Come to class on Monday with a content question and an analytical question of your own to discuss in groups.

DQ3 -Kadish

  1. What’s the effect of calling Galai by his first name? What’s the tone of the piece and how does it color or influence readers’ perceptions of its intellectual point or purpose?
  2. National Geographic was the only publication that paid Galai to use his image. What was the theme of their special issue, and what point his Kadish making by telling readers about it?
  3. How does the meaning of the image change with context? Which context does Kadish think is most significant? Galai himself? This question requires that you think about how Kadish structures the essay as much as what she says.
  4. How has Galai responded to the various uses of his image? Would you respond similarly? Why?
  5. Kadish’s response is more ambivalent than her cousin’s. What does the phenomenon mean to her? Which of her interpretations is more like your own?

Handing in Essay 1

A few reminders about how to turn in your essays tomorrow:

  1. Do not “resolve” comments directly in your peer review draft. Share this draft, with comments, with me.
  2. Copy the essay and paste it into a new document to continue working. Note that the comments will not carry over into your new document, but you can print them to refer to as you revise. Instructions for printing are on your Google Doc sheet.
  3. You can use the MLA template to format this new document; you can look up the guidelines for formatting at the Online Writing Lab by following the link from the course site, or you can refer to your Hacker writer’s reference. Instructions for the works cited page can be found in both sources, too.
  4. Give your file this name: Last Name_Essay 1_Final Draft
  5. Share your final draft ONLY with me cfrank@une.edu

BRING YOUR EMERGING TEXT BOOK TO CLASS. We’ll be looking at the collection from PostSecret to begin unit 2.