Instructions for Discussion Questions

For most readings, you will have a set of discussion questions, both to guide your reading but also to prepare you to engage in, well, discussion in class. These assignments are due by the beginning of each class and will be graded “done” or “not done” and given a point or no points. Because they’re meant to prepare you for that class’s discussion, a late posting (for example, one that comes in after class has met) will be marked as “not done.”

Generally speaking, your answers to each question should be about a paragraph long (3-5 sentences). Better answers draw in language from the reading itself and make an effort to move beyond the most immediate or obvious answers. That said, this is “low stakes” writing, so you don’t have to be absolutely right to get credit for thinking through the readings. The more you can show what the text is making you think, however, the better–and then we can discuss it all as a group.

Use the “comment” function at the bottom of each post to submit your answers. Others will see your responses (and you’ll see theirs), so feel free to start the conversation here before coming to class, too.

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