Digital Humanities Faculty Seminar, Week Two

The Spring 2014 Digital Humanities Faculty Seminar launched last week.  If the vigorous discussion of week one offers any indication, the term promises to involve a healthy dose of critical engagement with the texts and practices in DH.

Beginning with a reading of the Digital Humanities Manifesto 2.0, seminar participants found much to dislike in that representation of the digital humanities. Mostly, the critiques raised important questions right in the center of the digital humanities, with challenges to the strong criticism of intellectual property, the “wisdom of crowds” elements, the “scholarly” contributions of digital archival work and humanities computing, and the sense that DH is really revolutionary. The jury is still out on the value of engaging the “Manifesto” as a first reading in a seminar of this sort.

In addition, participants got busy creating, and the reflective blogs emerging from the seminar participants are worth a read:

  • Badass Humanist – Dr. Eric Zuelow’s seminar blog
  • Winter Mute – Dr. Ayala Cnaan’s seminar blog
  • JMD – Dr. Jennifer Denbow’s seminar blog

To keep the blog posts front and center, we have subscribed to the blog RSS feeds and placed them right in the sidebar of the site.

In week two, we invested considerable energy into sharing planned projects and exploring paths forward. The tone was considerably less aggressive, and participants shared lots of good ideas.  As the discussion unfolded, it became clear that the syllabus contains many elements that will likely prove quite useful for participants.

For those interested in the reading selections for the seminar, the syllabus is online.

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