The Text Encoding Initiative: Final Draft

Here is the final draft of my encoded leaf from Walden, and the blog response to match:

“Well folks, 0100.tif – that insane collaboration of illegible chicken scratch confusion – has been tackled, wrestled with, and transcribed.  I cannot say that it is perfect, or that it would actually appear as anything useful when it hits a webpage, but I still did something that I never thought I would be able to do before (or let’s face it, want to do).  I don’t think that I will quit my second graders and enter into a full time text encoding career.  I probably won’t transcribe anything, or ever want to read the Economy chapter, again.  But I can honestly say that I think there is value in all that we did.  Even in reading Walden <—- don’t quote me on that! I am happy knowing that I learned something completely, entirely, wholly, and incredibly new with TEI in the last couple of weeks – for that, I am grateful.”

<TEI xmlns= “”>


<surface xml:id= “s0110”  n= “0110”  ulx= “0”  uly= “0”  lrx= “2856”  lry= “3424”>

<graphic url= “0110.tif”/>

<zone ulx= “176” uly= “184”  lrx= “1952”  lry= “996”>

<line>Managed and sustained, who, </line>

<line>Too, <gap reason= “illegible” quantity= “1”unit= “word” />wonder that the floor, </line>

<line>Does not give way under the, </line>

<line>Visitor while he is admiring,</line>

<line>The gewgaws upon the mantel,</line>

<line>And let him through into the cellar, </line>

<line>To some solid and honest, though, </line>

<line>Earthy, foundation! ____ </line><delSpan spanTo= “#s0110_a’/>Often what, </line>

<line>We call taste for the beautiful, </line>

<line>Is most cultivated out of doors, </line>

<line>Where there is ‘no house – and no,</line>

<line>House keeper.’-><anchor xml: id= “s0110_a”/> In</line>

<line>Before we can adorn, </line>

<line>Our house with beautiful objects – the, </line>

<line>Walls must be stripped – and our lives, </line>

<line>Must be stripped, and beautiful house-, </line>

<line>Keeping and beautiful living be laid, </line>

<line>For a foundation. Now what we, </line>

<line>Call taste for the beautiful is most, </line>

<line>Cultivated out of doors, where there, </line>

<line>Is no house, and no house keeper. </line>


<zone ulx= “172” uly= “260” lrx= “372” lry= “344”>p. 62</zone>

<zone ulx= “2520” uly= “1468” lrx= “2672” lry= “1576”>p. 63</zone>

<zone rendition= “strikethrough” ulx= “304” uly= “2476” lrx= “2626” lry= “3388”>

<line>Though we are not so degenera-, </line>

<line>-Ted but that we might possibly live in, </line>

<line>A cave or a wigwam <zone rendition= “strikethrough”> to-day </zone> or wear, </line>

<line>Skins to-day – it is certainly, </line>

<line>Better to accept the advantages, </line>

<line>Though so dearly bought, which the, </line>

<line>Invention and industry of mankind, </line>

<line>Offer.  ___   In such a neighbor – </line>





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