Welcome to my ePortfolio for EDU 425: Doing Humanities Digitally.

The course description of the course is as follows:

“The rise of hypertext and the social web, the ability to digitize high-quality images and texts in archives, and the accessibility of low-cost computing power have yielded a range of developments in humanities research and in the production of texts.  This advanced humanities seminar, a working tour of the digital humanities, explores these developments from both theoretical and practical perspectives.  Students will learn about the Text Encoding Initiative, the role of computing and “big data” in humanities research, the enduring importance of close reading, and tools for curating interactive digital exhibits.  Following an approach central to much digital humanities scholarship, students will collaborate on several “live” scholarly projects.  This course meets and Advanced Studies Core requirement.”

Following the ENG 425 tab at the top will bring you to one of two sections that will share my experiences, assignments, and discoveries about the digital humanities: Studying the Digital Humanities, or Doing the Digital Humanities.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my ePortfolio.

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