My host family

Cassandra and I really lucked out with our family. Not only was their apartment beautiful and extremely comfortable, they really made us feel welcome and a part of their family. I was nervous going into the trip, and I had so many questions about my family and what they were like. We couldn’t have had a better family! Sonia was an amazing host mom, and she made us breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. I was especially grateful to Sonia because she made sure that she cooked vegan food for me everyday, and she made me some really delicious food! The food was always delicious, and we tried many foods that we had never even heard of before. The fruits and vegetables that we had were extremely fresh and delicious.
Juan, our host father, was extremely nice. He is an accomplished lawyer, and a very hard worker. When he would sit with us for dinner, he loved to talk to us about the U.S., and he always had funny things to say. Their two youngest daughters Chabelli and Lisa were really fun! Lisa spoke almost perfect English, which was really nice at times to be able to have her help us out and to also help out her mom and dad who spoke no English. Chabelli is 15 and just graduated, and she wants to study fashion. Lisa is 14, and she was very fun to talk to and extremely energetic.
We were surprised to always have hot water, an aspect of life that we take for granted here in the U.S. Our beds were really comfortable too, and we had an interesting view of a construction site out of window, which actually proved to be very entertaining.
Cassandra was an awesome roommate; we shared many laughs and memories together. I’m so happy that we roomed together and were able to have so much fun together. I had so much fun with the whole group, and I felt like we were always laughing and being there for one another, which was really nice while being so far from home. I learned so much more than I could have ever learned in a classroom, and I had an amazing time!
-Sam B.

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