Up in Thought: In the Andes #3

Today was an interesting day. We took a taxi to Centro Tinku, the school where we will be taking classes. As I have come to find with everything in this experience so far, it was entirely unlike what I expected. They were not kidding at all when they said that the temperature drops very fast after the sun sets. Being so close to the equator, the sun is very hot, but the altitude seems to constantly be at war with that fact.
Our professor who lectures about the Inca culture has a thick French accent, speaks to us in English, yet manages to effortlessly communicate with Peruvians in Spanish. It makes me laugh a little. After our classes, we went shopping. It was fun but at the same time really tiring. Nothing had a set price, the culture thrives on bartering, but the vendors are a lot more aggressive. Not only does each person you walk by tell you what they are selling and invite you to look, but people also come up to you on the streets asking you to buy their items. It is at lease five “no thank yous” before they wander off, much more if you ask how much they want for their items.
Everything is much different here but it has a charming quality. After only two days here it already seems to be growing on me.
May 26th, 2011

Plaza de armas in Cusco

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