Up in Thought: In the Andes #2

Today we flew from Lima to Cusco. It was one of the most beautiful flights that I have ever been on. Again, my understanding of geography was completely changed. No longer were the Andes marked by letters and lines on a paper, but they were real, a breathtaking majesty unlike anything I have ever seen. Imagine a mountain, its only description is breathtaking with a snow capped summit at an incomprehensible altitude. Then duplicate that mountain times 500 as there are that many right next to it, each at a slightly different angle. It is wonderful.
The city of Cusco is much different than anything I expected. The city has a constant buzz, much different than anything that I have experienced. People seem to be going in their own direction, leaving the whole to be a scramble, yet it works perfectly. The people fit together like an ever-moving, ever-changing puzzle.
I met my host family today, they don’t speak English but for a few words. They fed us noodles with chicken and a green soup that I am still unable to translate to English. We got to drink coca tea, a good experience to have under one’s belt. It tasted like any other tea. After the food, we slept. The air was totally different and I could feel how much thinner it was with every breath. It was almost like the frigid days in the Northeast, but without the biting pain that usually accompanies it. All worries of “soroche” (altitude sickness) began to fade as the only thing that I noticed was a bit of trouble breathing and the tiniest hint of a headache that went away when I was preoccupied with one of the many things that this city has to offer. I cannot wait to discover what secrets the city has and explore its wonderful yet exotic beauty.
May 25th, 2011

Host family celebrating Bethany's birthday!

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