Yesterday was our first day of classes.  We had a lecture in the Incas and a Spanish lecture, we just went over the basics though.  Later in the day we went on a tour of Cusco.  We went to the Basilica Cathedral which was amazing.  The amount of gold and silver that was in there was unbelievable.  The statues of all the saints were gorgeous.  I found it very interesting that all the gold was taken from the Incan temples to use in the Catholic churches.  After the cathedrals we went to Qorikancha.  I couldn’t believe that the stones were cut and placed, instead of using any type of cement.

Today we went on another tour this time of Sacsayhuaman.  To think that people moved stones that were up to 10 tons, it was mind blowing.  It was just amazing to see all of these places.  It was going from these Cathedrals that were colorful and very European to these other ruins that was just stone, but still just as amazing.

Cassandra, May 27, 2011

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