July 30th, 2013 by tstjohn

Roommate. That one word tends to arouse much anxiety in today’s college students. With a movie like Screen Gems’ release of The Roommate in 2011, why wouldn’t it?

What will my roommate be like? Will he/she be mean? Will we not get along? How early does he/she need to go to bed? Am I too messy? All these are questions that I had asked myself prior to moving into my residence hall my first year here at UNE. It’s alright to be asking yourself these questions, especially if you have never had to share a room with someone except for the occasional “sleep over.”

Housing assignments are available and can be viewed on UOnline. Be sure to check that out as soon as possible so you know not only who you will be living with, but where. Moving in will be much easier if you have been able to communicate with your roommate(s) beforehand. Items like refrigerators, microwaves, and televisions may take up too much space if you and your roommate(s) all bring your own. It may also be easier to coordinate with them who will be moving in at what time, just so you can try to avoid moving in on top of each other.

Besides the logistics of moving in, you may want to just get to know your roommate(s). Obviously contacting each other through social media is very helpful, but when you are moved in try to do some activities together. Going to meals together or Welcome Back Week activities may help you get to know each other better and provide many opportunities for you to discuss things like sleep schedules, class schedules, favorite movies, and the sharing of personal items.

Living in a Residence Hall is like living in a small community. Get to know your roommate as well as the people on your floor. Spread to the people in your building. You will be living with all of them for the next year so try to get to know everyone!


For more information on Residential Education and Housing, check out the link below


Alley’s Experience

July 15th, 2013 by tstjohn

Alley, a sophomore Orientation Leader, shares her experience transferring to UNE for the second semester of her first year in college.

It’s still all very clear to me; the day I realized I wanted to transfer colleges. I did not feel like I belonged and I felt like just another number among the 9,000 students around me. There was no way I could stay there for the next three years of my life and I knew what needed to be done.

I still remember the very first day I arrived at UNE. I was so nervous, I didn’t even know what to think. Not only was I switching schools, I was switching at the beginning of the spring semester. So many things were running through my head but the one thing that worried me the most was if I was going to be able to make friends. The students already enjoyed their first semester together, establishing bonds and friendships. I did not know whether I would be able to establish any of my own. I had never actually visited the campus before deciding to transfer. I’ll even admit that I Googled “colleges in Maine” and clicked on the first one I saw, which happened to be UNE. I researched the location, number of students, programs and decided to apply. Two weeks later, I received a call from the head of admissions congratulating me on my acceptance and welcoming me for the spring semester. Overcome with joy that I finally had an out from the college I was currently attending, it took me a good ten minutes before reality actually began setting in. I live in Arkansas and I was about to make the decision to move 26 hours away from my family, never having even visited the place in which I was transferring. But I only applied to one school and I knew transferring was the best thing for me. During winter break I packed my things and eventually made my way to the airport. Two flights, a couple cups of coffee, and a 5 hour layover later, I finally made my way to UNE. Transfer Orientation began and ended, and the real deal began. My roommate returned from break, as well as everyone else on the floor. I can’t remember exactly how many hands I shook or how many times I replied, “yes people actually do live in Arkansas,” but I can remember how nervous I was. Day by day my nervousness started to disappear, until finally something truly amazing happened; it completely disappeared. I began establishing friendships, becoming a part of inside jokes, enjoying my professors, and began having a much better experience than my first semester of college. I finally felt comfortable and ready to tackle the rest of my future.

I was nervous, unsure, and questioned my decision multiple times. But after adjusting to life at UNE I realized transferring to UNE became the best decision I made during my first year of college. There’s a sense of family here at UNE and I can only hope you appreciate it as much as I do. Your nervousness will kick in and you may even start to question your decision. But look around you. You are not the only one experiencing this new adventure. Use it to your advantage and enjoy this new opportunity. Think with positivity, be yourself, and be 100% genuine.


ALEKS General Chemistry Preparatory Opportunity

June 15th, 2013 by tstjohn

Science courses in general can be difficult due to the content as well as the math and measurement skills that are needed. General Chemistry is one of these courses. Check out the ALEKS General Chemistry Preparatory Opportunity below to help you master skills needed to be successful in this course.

ALEKS General Chemistry Preparatory Opportunity

Why should I participate?

General Chemistry is a rigorous science course that requires significant work and presents many challenges.  Reviewing the core math, algebra, and measurement skills commonly utilized in General Chemistry will more favorably situate you to meet the demands of this challenging course.  The Math/Science Support Specialist specifically selected these modules to match up with skills you’ll need to obtain success in chemistry at UNE.

The ALEKS General Chemistry Review won’t cover everything, but it will give you a great head start.


What is ALEKS?

ALEKS is a completely online, artificially intelligent assessment and learning system adopted by UNE to assist you in mastering the material you will need for college level chemistry. ALEKS is adaptive to you and quickly determines what you know and don’t know within the context of the selected modules. ALEKS offers an individualized learning plan, practice, help, and immediate feedback, 24/7, from virtually any Web-based computer.


Getting Started!

Follow these instructions to participate in ALEKS General Chemistry Preparatory Opportunity.

  • Browser: Use Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Safari. Mozilla Firefox does not support ALEKS.
  • Go to
  • Enter the course code: KE3AP-E4ANN in the box titled “Using ALEKS with a Class?”
  • The course name should read: 2013 ALEKS Summer Chemistry Prep
  • You will now have an opportunity to purchase an 18-week access code for $40. This is the only cost – there are no university fees associated with participation. Type in your access code, take the assessment and you are ready to begin mastering chemistry!

For more information on the ALEKS General Chemistry Preparatory Opportunity, CLICK HERE.


Don’t hesitate to call or email the Math/Science Support Specialist.  Remember, this course is preparatory and not credit bearing, but it can really make a difference.  If you aren’t sure if this course is for you, feel free to discuss it with the Math/Science Support Specialist.  Also, we have both peer and professional tutoring in general chemistry at the Student Academic Success Center, so be sure to stop by and check out what we have to offer.


For questions or concerns please contact:

Nicole Stephens

Math/Science Academic Support Specialist

Student Academic Success Center

University of New England

(207) 602-2205


Jordan’s Experience

June 11th, 2013 by tstjohn

Jordan, a sophomore Summer and Welcome Back Week Orientation Leader, writes about her UNE Orientation experience.

            My suitcase was all packed and ready to go by the door. I hugged my pillow and looked around my room, certain I had forgotten something important that I would desperately need and be unable to be without for the three days I would be gone. Having never even gone to summer camp, three days felt like a while. For the first time in my life, I had butterflies in my stomach. But I wasn’t only a bundle of nerves- I was also incredibly excited. I had no idea what this Orientation would bring, but I could not wait to find out.

When I pulled into the school, the butterflies started their annoying dance in my stomach again, but I ignored them as I started to bring my things into my room. I unpacked and realized I hadn’t forgotten a thing. In fact, I probably brought too much. Who could wear 6 pairs of shoes in three days?? I turned to say goodbye to my mom and little sister. I remember my mom was sniffling and I rolled my eyes and pushed her out the door. “I’ll be fine! What can happen in three days?”

The answer, I would come to find out, would be “a lot”. There were tours and activities and ice-breakers and skits and dances and soccer games and laughs. There were so many laughs. Within an hour on that first day, I couldn’t even remember ever being nervous at all.  The Orientation Leaders were incredible, easing us all in until we felt like we had been there for ages. I left at the end of the three days eager to come to school. It already felt like “mine”, because of the Leaders and all of the friends I made. I still remember where I stayed, who I roomed with, who was my OL… It was one of the best 3-day-stretches I’ve ever had. I hope it will be yours, too.

Jesse’s Experience

June 3rd, 2013 by tstjohn


Jesse, a Trailblazer Outdoor Guide, shares his experience participating in a Trailblazer as well as Traditional Orientation.


You made it to college Orientation!

Give yourself a pat on the back you deserve it with all of your hard work thus far. Just a short year ago I was in your exact situation, dealing with graduation, sending in SO MUCH paperwork to UNE and finally trying to plan out my summer. Then on top of that, the thought of college Orientation gave me a bit of anxiety; I really had no idea what Orientation was or how it worked. So I found myself scrolling through the Orientation page on Facebook to learn all that I could. I stumbled onto the blog and after reading the posts I was a bit relieved to find the Orientation Leaders sharing their own experiences (so I am returning the favor). After reading them I thought that I had this Orientation thing in the bag and that it was going to be a blast (it was)!


I arrived at Orientation early for the Overnight Sea Kayaking and Ropes Course Trailblazer Outdoor Trip. Once on the island, our group immediately jumped into some hilarious ice breaker and name game activities. For the rest of the night we just hung out with our group members and just got to know each other. Then the next day we started working on team building activities that really brought our group even closer together and soon our group developed trust. After that we moved onto the way-more-incredibly-fun-things like sea kayaking, (my personal favorite) blindfolded rock climbing (…Yeah! blindfolded rock climbing), and finally finishing it off with zip lining across the island! My time on the Trailblazer trip was probably one the greatest times of the beginning of my college career. These memories on the trip are some of the most prominent not only because of all the incredibly fun things I got to do, but the fact that the Trailblazing group and I got to become so close in those few days. Trust me: if you are going on this trip you are going to have a blast!


Now back at school for Traditional Orientation, I was thrown right into the experience. Immediately upon returning from a few days camping on an island I had five minutes to freshen up in the bathroom for our school ID picture. . . which will stay with you until you graduate! However, to this day I have not met one person on the UNE campus that has said they like their photo they took, so don’t worry you will not be alone. Then after the photo and a quick shower we then start running through the basics: met some of the Deans, the President of UNE, the Orientation Advisors and Leader, and took the math placement exam (which is not as scary as it sounds, you will do fine). Then, finally, at night is when you get to take a load off and relax. . . NOT! That’s the time when all of the fun activities on campus happen like volleyball, movies and a dance! You just got to get out there and jump right in and in the end it just so happens that you make friends. My favorite part of Traditional Orientation was when I pulled an impromptu “all- nighter” with my new friends and we spent the night talking and getting to know each other.


Just remember, go into Orientation with a positive attitude. Don’t be afraid to talk to someone! Everyone is feeling the same anxieties you are, so try something new, get a little out of your comfort zone and I promise you will be glad you did with all the friends you will make. Just be prepared to answer what your name is, where you are from, your major and why you chose UNE!


See you this summer!!!