Packing For Move In

July 9th, 2014 by tstjohn

You survived Summer Orientation or are about to enter Fall Orientation and are looking around your room thinking to yourself, “Where do I begin?” Well, to start off, don’t get overwhelmed! I know that’s easier said than done, but UNE’s Residential Education and Housing office has developed a packing list for you! You can find it online at the link below!


Also, be sure to contact your new roommate(s) to avoid bringing too much! It’ll be a great way to introduce yourself and share any concerns you have with your roommate(s) while also working out who will bring the TV or mini fridge! Don’t be afraid to just send them an email and get the conversation started!


Remember that if you forget something it isn’t the end of the world! When coming to college, it’s okay if you don’t have everything! You can always ask someone to borrow a mixing bowl or a movie. It’s a great way to get to know more people! Plus, you can always grab what you left behind during your next trip home!


So breathe easy and have fun while packing for college! There’s no need to stress about it!