It’s November already?!

November 4th, 2013 by tstjohn

This may be a question you or your peers have been asking lately. November: a little over a month until the semester ends. Where has time gone?

Well, being the studious and achieving student that you are, time has flown by while you were making flashcards, writing essays, completing handouts, finishing lab reports, and ripping through your textbooks all in an effort to have a strong first semester.

If you weren’t said studious and achieving student, time may have flown by while you were eating, playing video games, or watching television.

However, whichever student you are, one thing may be common: the “full steam ahead” attitude that enveloped you at the beginning of the year may have reduced itself significantly. Closely compared with Senioritis (lack of will to do anything school related found prominently in American high school seniors), First-Semesteritis shares many characteristics that get you down in the dumps and ready to be done.

First off, while near, the prospect of going home still seems so far away. No-Shave November also can be Nostalgia November. As the air cools and the leaves drop, you are reminded of how this time of year you would watch football with dad or bake pumpkin bread with mom, or vice versa, depending on your family. Strong feelings of homesickness may occur. Hang in there though. You will be home in a blink of an eye. Try to remind yourself to live in the moment. Do the things you would typically do with your family with your friends instead. Plan football parties, apple picking trips, or “family” dinners with them. Make the most of your time here because the semester really will be over soon!

Secondly, academics are in full swing and some classes may be harder than others. Grades not where you would like them to be? Rather than upsetting yourself, seek out all the resources the university provides to assist students academically. This is a institution of higher education, after all-education being the key word. The professors don’t want students to fail! If you haven’t seen your professor yet this year and are struggling in the class, don’t wait until the week of finals to get help! Make an appointment today to see them or plan to when they have office hours. Also, pick up a schedule to the Student Academic Success Center to see when tutors on your subject(s) are available. Take advantage of what the university offers. There’s no excuse for doing poorly when you haven’t sought help!

One last little tid-bit of advice going in to November is to remember to have fun. Winter is fast approaching, if you couldn’t tell already. Snow showers are in the near future. Winter is usually considered dark and gloomy. Don’t let the cold, cloudy, and snowy/rainy weather bring you down. Still try your best to have fun and smile. It’ll not only help you but also those around you!

So there you have it: quick fixes to some common issues. Enjoy November because all too soon it will be December and you will be home. Who knows, you may even miss UNE a little!