Roommate. That one word tends to arouse much anxiety in today’s college students. With a movie like Screen Gems’ release of The Roommate in 2011, why wouldn’t it?

What will my roommate be like? Will he/she be mean? Will we not get along? How early does he/she need to go to bed? Am I too messy? All these are questions that I had asked myself prior to moving into my residence hall my first year here at UNE. It’s alright to be asking yourself these questions, especially if you have never had to share a room with someone except for the occasional “sleep over.”

Housing assignments are available and can be viewed on UOnline. Be sure to check that out as soon as possible so you know not only who you will be living with, but where. Moving in will be much easier if you have been able to communicate with your roommate(s) beforehand. Items like refrigerators, microwaves, and televisions may take up too much space if you and your roommate(s) all bring your own. It may also be easier to coordinate with them who will be moving in at what time, just so you can try to avoid moving in on top of each other.

Besides the logistics of moving in, you may want to just get to know your roommate(s). Obviously contacting each other through social media is very helpful, but when you are moved in try to do some activities together. Going to meals together or Welcome Back Week activities may help you get to know each other better and provide many opportunities for you to discuss things like sleep schedules, class schedules, favorite movies, and the sharing of personal items.

Living in a Residence Hall is like living in a small community. Get to know your roommate as well as the people on your floor. Spread to the people in your building. You will be living with all of them for the next year so try to get to know everyone!


For more information on Residential Education and Housing, check out the link below


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