ALEKS General Chemistry Preparatory Opportunity

Science courses in general can be difficult due to the content as well as the math and measurement skills that are needed. General Chemistry is one of these courses. Check out the ALEKS General Chemistry Preparatory Opportunity below to help you master skills needed to be successful in this course.

ALEKS General Chemistry Preparatory Opportunity

Why should I participate?

General Chemistry is a rigorous science course that requires significant work and presents many challenges.  Reviewing the core math, algebra, and measurement skills commonly utilized in General Chemistry will more favorably situate you to meet the demands of this challenging course.  The Math/Science Support Specialist specifically selected these modules to match up with skills you’ll need to obtain success in chemistry at UNE.

The ALEKS General Chemistry Review won’t cover everything, but it will give you a great head start.


What is ALEKS?

ALEKS is a completely online, artificially intelligent assessment and learning system adopted by UNE to assist you in mastering the material you will need for college level chemistry. ALEKS is adaptive to you and quickly determines what you know and don’t know within the context of the selected modules. ALEKS offers an individualized learning plan, practice, help, and immediate feedback, 24/7, from virtually any Web-based computer.


Getting Started!

Follow these instructions to participate in ALEKS General Chemistry Preparatory Opportunity.

  • Browser: Use Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Safari. Mozilla Firefox does not support ALEKS.
  • Go to
  • Enter the course code: KE3AP-E4ANN in the box titled “Using ALEKS with a Class?”
  • The course name should read: 2013 ALEKS Summer Chemistry Prep
  • You will now have an opportunity to purchase an 18-week access code for $40. This is the only cost – there are no university fees associated with participation. Type in your access code, take the assessment and you are ready to begin mastering chemistry!

For more information on the ALEKS General Chemistry Preparatory Opportunity, CLICK HERE.


Don’t hesitate to call or email the Math/Science Support Specialist.  Remember, this course is preparatory and not credit bearing, but it can really make a difference.  If you aren’t sure if this course is for you, feel free to discuss it with the Math/Science Support Specialist.  Also, we have both peer and professional tutoring in general chemistry at the Student Academic Success Center, so be sure to stop by and check out what we have to offer.


For questions or concerns please contact:

Nicole Stephens

Math/Science Academic Support Specialist

Student Academic Success Center

University of New England

(207) 602-2205


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