Jordan’s Experience

Jordan, a sophomore Summer and Welcome Back Week Orientation Leader, writes about her UNE Orientation experience.

            My suitcase was all packed and ready to go by the door. I hugged my pillow and looked around my room, certain I had forgotten something important that I would desperately need and be unable to be without for the three days I would be gone. Having never even gone to summer camp, three days felt like a while. For the first time in my life, I had butterflies in my stomach. But I wasn’t only a bundle of nerves- I was also incredibly excited. I had no idea what this Orientation would bring, but I could not wait to find out.

When I pulled into the school, the butterflies started their annoying dance in my stomach again, but I ignored them as I started to bring my things into my room. I unpacked and realized I hadn’t forgotten a thing. In fact, I probably brought too much. Who could wear 6 pairs of shoes in three days?? I turned to say goodbye to my mom and little sister. I remember my mom was sniffling and I rolled my eyes and pushed her out the door. “I’ll be fine! What can happen in three days?”

The answer, I would come to find out, would be “a lot”. There were tours and activities and ice-breakers and skits and dances and soccer games and laughs. There were so many laughs. Within an hour on that first day, I couldn’t even remember ever being nervous at all.  The Orientation Leaders were incredible, easing us all in until we felt like we had been there for ages. I left at the end of the three days eager to come to school. It already felt like “mine”, because of the Leaders and all of the friends I made. I still remember where I stayed, who I roomed with, who was my OL… It was one of the best 3-day-stretches I’ve ever had. I hope it will be yours, too.

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