Chandler’s Experience

Chandler, a sophomore Summer and Fall Orientation Leader, writes about her first UNE Orientation experience.

It’s hard to believe that one year ago, I was exactly where you are today. Finally decided on a college (an amazing one at that), about to graduate from high school (yay), soooo ready for summer (I mean really, who isn’t?), and it was time to sign up for Orientation.


…what on earth is Orientation?!


After I signed up, I must have Googled, read, and clicked on everything I possibly could that pertained to UNE Orientation. I even found myself at this blog you are reading right now. With no idea what to expect, I was a little nervous. Okay, fine…a LOT nervous. But the thing was, my excitement overpowered my nerves. This was my chance to immerse myself in the environment I’d be living in for the next four years. It was an opportunity to meet new people and connect with other students who would later become my friends. Little did I know that Orientation would put my worries about college to rest and leave me eager to return in the fall.

The butterflies in my stomach decided to make an unscheduled appearance the moment I arrived at Orientation. So much so that I forgot to pick up my room key. Thankfully, I immediately realized I was missing something and went back to get it. Meeting my roommate was next. She was as nice as could be and we seemed to click well. I then survived the Math Placement exam (it’s really not as intimidating as it sounds), and participated in the remaining activities of the day. I don’t know if I’d consciously decided to do this, but I made it my mission to strike up conversations every chance I had with anyone that would talk to me.

Hi, what’s your name?

Where are you from?

Why did you choose UNE?

I met many wonderful people this way and I definitely encourage everyone to do the same. You’re all in the same boat. Most of you probably won’t know anyone else at UNE so make the most out of your experience! Arrive at Orientation with an open mind. This is YOUR opportunity to start meaningful relationships with other students. Just be you and good things will ensue. You only get one (YOGO! Just kidding, please don’t hate me…) Orientation. Do everything you can to enjoy it!

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