The Math Placement Exam

Math Placement!

Alright, let’s be honest: the summer Orientation sessions are just around the corner and this summer, after a long senior year spent battling “senioritis,” the last words you want to hear are “Math Placement exam.” However, the Math Placement exam is important to your career here at UNE.  At Orientation, most students are required to take a math placement exam that will assist in determining which math and science courses they will be most successful in.  Below are a few pointers about the Math Placement exam:

  • 2 hour multi-choice exam.
  • will take place on the first day of your Orientation Session.
  • does NOT allow a calculator.
  • helps place you in the appropriate science and math courses.

Transfer credits will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

AP calculus results come in after Orientation so students are required to still take the exam.

It is important to take the test seriously and do your best!

Prepare for Math Placement!

A strong foundation in general math and algebra is essential if you want to place into college level mathematics. Some of you will benefit greatly by reviewing mathematics concepts and computations prior to the placement exam.

Some of you may be thinking:

-I have not taken a math course for one or more semesters.
-My Math SAT is lower than 550.
-I struggle with math or have math anxiety.
-I earned lower than a B in Algebra I or II.

If you identify with any of the above statements or if you are concerned about your performance, you are strongly encouraged to consider a mathematics review prior to placement testing.

For more information about a formal ALEKS review, visit the Student Academic Success Center’s webpage:

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