Stress Management

Let’s face it: the end of the school year is a busy and stressful time, especially as a first-year college student. Some of you are probably so overwhelmed that instead of paying attention during lecture you are daydreaming potential summer plans as an attempt to escape reality. Don’t let the end of the year drag you down. The last thing you need on top of papers, projects, finals, housing, and registration is a bad attitude. Stay positive and explore different ways of stress management.

What are things you enjoy doing? These are the things you should take into consideration when attempting to relieve stress. You won’t be reducing your stress levels by doing activities you find difficult or uninteresting.  Pick things that you enjoy doing alone as well as things you can do with your friends. They do say that laughter is the best medicine. Find activities you and your friends enjoy and try to plan time together in between your hectic schedules.

Exercise isn’t something everyone enjoys but it is important in relieving your body of unwanted stress. You don’t have to lift weights at the gym or run a marathon though to accomplish stress relief. Many video games, like the Just Dance series, require you to move about. Have fun shakin’ it alone or with your friends. It is exercising, having fun, and relieving stress all in one! Dancing not your thing? Playing organized sports can be just as stress relieving, as well as walking, running, hiking, etc. However you choose to exercise is up to you. The important thing is to fit in time to be active!

We all feel the pressure that the end of the year brings. Don’t crumple down! Remember that you’re almost done with your first year of college (if you’re a first-year, of course) and that is something to be proud of! All your hard work will pay off in time. For now, minimize the stress you put on your body by fitting in time to do things you enjoy, hang out with your friends, and exercise. Summer is just around the corner!

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