Get Involved in Research!

Interested in becoming involved in research? You came to the right university! The professors, faculty, and staff here at UNE are all extremely helpful when it comes to pursuing your goals. When considering research, look for something you are passionate about. This is something that you will be collecting data for as well as analyzing that data and drawing conclusions from it. Why put yourself through so much work if you’re not even interested in the topic?

Consult with your professors about your interests. Odds are, if they are you’re in your field of study, they will have knowledge on the subject and can give you advice on where to go. Professors and other faculty and staff in the area of study you’re interested in are a great resource when it comes to research. In order to be a professor, many have to have ongoing research and publications. You can look at them as research experts!

Not sure what research here at UNE is all about? The university hosts research symposiums throughout the year that allow students to present their findings. Attend one of these if you are unsure about conducting research. The students at these symposiums not only provide data on their research, they can be a great resource for what participating in research as a student is like. Take advantage of these symposiums and get informed!

If you are looking in to participating in research, talk with your academic adviser! Research is a time commitment that could be overwhelming with a heavy schedule and other student involvement activities. Your academic adviser will be able to put things into perspective and help you decide if now is the time or if you should consider participating in the future instead. Also, a research seminar or research-based course may be required before you dive into your research. Your academic adviser will be able to help you with selecting possible courses and registering for them.

Research is a great way to get involved with your studies and help you solidify your passion. It also can help you prepare for your future career. Visit research symposiums to get an idea of what student research is all about. Talk with your professors and find out what they are researching as well as how to get involved. Meet with your academic advisers and plan what courses you need to take in order to participate in research. You are in charge of your future! Take the time to participate in research and see what your future has in store!

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