Fun, Subtance-Free Activities

Media has always portrayed college to be this crazy, reckless time in a person’s life.  It depicts college as  carefree, responsibility-free, and an easy ride that is meant to be one big party until graduation. What the media doesn’t show is that many universities actually have strong alcohol and drug use policies. It doesn’t show how partying can impact your studies. The media glamorizes alcohol and drug use as well as some of the negative consequences of it.

As students, it is your job to make good decisions. An underage student participating in alcohol use can get into some serious trouble. Why take the risk? There are so many things to do instead of drink! Don’t use boredom as an excuse to break laws. There are plenty of activities supported by the university as well as activities you and your friends can come up with! Here are just a few ideas.

Dinner Party

Invite your friends to a dinner party! You can be as fancy or casual as you want! Be sure to plan at least a week in advance to give you and your guests time to prepare. It can be pot-luck style where each guest brings a dish, or one person can contribute most of the meal and the cook switches off every dinner party. Whichever you choose to plan, it is sure to be a good time. What could be better than food, friends, and tons of laughter?

Cup Cake Decorating

Even though you might not be the most artistic, cup cake decorating is a fun way to hang with your friends. It’s a fun activity for all, from frosting the cup cakes to eating them, everyone will have their favorite part!

Game Night

Plan a game night with your friends. These can be traditional board games, video games, or games you invent yourself. It’s a great way to be with your friends as well as meet new people. It’s competitive but fun. Have snacks and music playing and you’ve got yourself a great time

Movie Night

Get out your popcorn! Have a movie night with your friends! Choose new releases, classics, or even attempt to watch an entire series! Movie nights can be a relaxing evening with a few or many friends. Choose movies with actors and actresses that you and your friends all really like, or choose movies that you normally wouldn’t ever watch. Either way, you can’t go wrong!

Video Game Tournament

Many of the popular video games have multi-player modes or split-screen modes that allow you to play with your friends. Try creating a tournament out of this! It can be a fun way to play with your friends but keep a competitive edge. Try one-game elimination and maybe make a prize for the winner or something for the loser!  This will make it more interesting but keep things fun.

The university also has many activities taking place on both weekends and weekdays. Be sure to keep up to date with what’s happening by going to for the latest events and activities.

There’s no reason to say you’re bored! Between fun activities you can create yourself, local community activities, and university activities, there’s always something fun to do! Remember that when you drink, you take responsibility for yourself and your actions. You are taking a risk. The university has a no-tolerance policy for underage drinkers. Why risk it when you could do so many other fun things?

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