Resumes: Don’t be intimidated!

January 30th, 2013 by tstjohn

The job market today is extremely competitive. To get ahead of your competition you should start planning your game strategy now! It is never too early to start writing your resume; it’s an essential piece to the job-finding puzzle. A well-written resume can be compared to a ticket to a red carpet event. It’s your ticket to your future career! Your resume is the first introduction you make of yourself to a future employer. Why not make it the best you can?

In a resume, you are giving a future employer insight to all of your talents, experience, abilities, and strengths. It is more than just a list of previous places of employment and references. Include your educational background as well as your employment background.  Include any forms of leadership you have experienced as well as any awards you have earned because they show an employer that you have been previously recognized for doing something well!

Remember your resume is not a short story! Keep things clear and concise. An employer will not want to read a story about how you managed to save your neighbor’s cat from a tree by being licensed to operate a cherry picker! Just write that you are licensed to use that equipment! Be sure to use proper techniques to emphasize things you think your employer should take note of. Use bold font, bullets, underlines, and capital letters carefully. Try to keep your resume to one page for entry level positions.  If you do need a second page, make sure you use the space properly. Having one or two lines extend to the second page means you could probably shorten something above or clear up a statement. For graduate school and more stigmatized positions, you may need more than two pages in order to include all of your credentials. Use your best judgement when critiquing the length of your resume and feel free to ask the opinion of others!

Keep your general resume broad. However, when you are applying to specific companies or for specific jobs, do your research. There is no “one size fits all” resume! Employers want to see motivated and ambitious employees. This means a resume tailored to the position the company is offering. By creating a general resume and editing later for different employers, you are saving yourself much time. Just remember to edit it frequently to keep it up to date and to customize it for each company you are applying to.

In this economy the idea of competing for a job may be intimidating. Writing a great resume is your first step in conquering the job market. If you are still unsure of what to write or the formatting, visit Career Services! They are an excellent resource and are more than willing to assist you with not only writing a resume, but cover letters, interviews, and so much more! Career Services hosts Walk-In hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:00-5:00 pm and are extremely welcoming!

Click here to visit the Career Services website or stop on by their office located in 119 Decary Hall!