Advice for Transfer Students

Advice to Transfer Students from Orientation Leader and Transfer Student Kiera Latham!!

There are many reasons that students transfer colleges. For me it was because I realized I picked the wrong school. I remember feeling like a failure because I had wound up at a school I didn’t like and had no idea what I was going to do. I emailed the admissions department at UNE and talked to some very helpful people. Since I had applied and was accepted for the previous semester they re-accepted me right away and even kept my financial aid. In what felt like a second I was driving to Maine for orientation. When I got there I felt like I was going to pass out. I didn’t know a single person there and was petrified that I was not going to be happy at any school I went to. Within 24 hours at orientation I knew that something was different. I saw for the first time that I was not alone in the entire transfer process. Not only were the orientation advisors able to tell me everything I needed to know about the school but they were easy to talk to.

For me the transition was very easy. The classes were easy to find and everybody was exceptionally nice. I even had an amazing roommate who I became good friends with. My advice to any new transfer students would be to reach out to others. When I first started the semester I kept to myself more than I should have because I was afraid to just jump in and introduce myself. It wasn’t until my class required me to go to a lecture that I went out of my comfort zone. I realized that I had to talk to strangers so that I didn’t spend my time alone. It was at that point I realized the students here are very nice and as long as you reach out to them you will have someone to talk to. My last tip would be to get involved. There are so many clubs and organizations that there will always be someone you can connect with. If you only focus on schoolwork then you are truly missing out on half the great things UNE has to offer.

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