Registration for the Fall Semester


Not sure how registration works for your first semester??

Afraid that you won’t get first pick of classes??


You do not need to be afraid! Your schedule has been built by the Registration Services team based on your program requirements, SAT/ACT scores, transferred courses, the placement test(s) that you will take at Orientation, and by working closely with representatives from your department.  It does NOT matter what session of Orientation you are in!!

You will review your schedule with a faculty member from your major to confirm that these are appropriate selections for you on the third day of Orientation.  If you are planning on receiving Advance Placement credits, make sure you discuss this with your advisor and note the courses on the bottom of the schedule.  The Registrar’s Office will work diligently to make any requested schedule changes.  Beginning August 1st, your schedule will be final and you will have a chance to update it yourself online.  As your schedule will not be finalized until August 1st, do not purchase textbooks until after this date.


For any questions, concerns, or if you need more information contact the Registrar’s office at or 207-602-2473.  Also, there is a great website with step-by-step registration guides available at

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