January Transfer Orientation

January 15th, 2012 by tstjohn

written by:
Beth Paey

One year ago this month I was getting ready to attend transfer orientation at UNE, just like all of you are now. My first fear was, “What if there are only two or three other transfers?” I’d surely stick out like a sore thumb, as I confused Morgane Hall with Marcil Hall. I was so worried about making a fool out of myself by getting lost, and not knowing anyone.


Thankful, my first few weeks at UNE weren’t filled with uncomfortable mistakes. For that I have to thank the Orientation team that was there to welcome the transfer students, and help make our transition as easy as possible. So the best piece of advice I can give you is to lose all of your expectations, don’t worry about making mistakes, and just relax.


The transfer orientation process will provide all of you with an opportunity to explore the UNE campus, learn each building, meet with advisors, the registrar’s office, the financial aid office and more. Not only will you have an opportunity to view the academic side of the school, but it will also be a place for you to meet peers and make friends.


My advice to all of you is to use this time to get all of your questions answered, to become comfortable on campus, and to make friends. Let UNE welcome you to your new community and I hope you feel at home! I look forward to seeing your new faces on campus! Good luck!