Registering for Classes

Nervous or stressed about Registering for classes??

Here is a step by step process on how to register for classes:

Step 1: Schedule an appointment with your Advisor

–          Have classes you want to take ready to go to make your meeting  productive

Step 2:  Obtain a pin from your Advisor

–          Make sure you don’t lose this you will need it in order to login into U-Online and Register

Step 3: Go to the Registration info on the Registrar’s website

-Check out Registration 101 Guides, Error Messages Guide, Helpful Links, and Registration Dates

-Become familiar with how to use U-Online

Step 4: Check your registration status and time ticket by logging into U-Online

–          Select Student Services and Financial Aid à Registration à Check Your Registration Status. Select term

Step 5: Check your prerequisites

–          Prerequisites ensure you are academically prepared to take the course

Step 6: Make sure you have the correct CRN’s

–          This will save time and help you avoid errors

Step 7: Check capacity of your chosen courses on day of registration

–          This will save you time from registering for classes that are full

For more information go to the UNE Registration page at:

Good Luck!!




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