Advice for Transfer Students

Hey fellow Transfers! My name is Beth Paey and I am an Orientation Leader for this summer’s 2011 Transfer Orientation! I am going to be a second semester sophomore; and first off let me start by saying that we all have something in common. We’re transfer students to UNE!

I want to welcome all of you to the UNE community, and to talk about life as a transfer student at UNE. I transferred from a school much different from UNE- in fact a school in a different country, France.When I went to my transfer orientation this past January, I was nervous and had no idea what to expect. I jumped into a completely new community- and found something pretty amazing..

Life at UNE as a transfer- the transition, making friends, etc, couldn’t have been any easier because of my orientation experience and the great community that surrounds UNE. I feel at home at UNE, I feel like a Nor’Easter, I feel welcome. At orientation during my first days I made quick friends with everyone around me, and those friends made my first semester at UNE easy, and comfortable. My roommate, the people on my floor, in my classes, everyone was welcoming and friendly. And in just a matter of weeks, I had familiar faces, I felt comfortable making my way on campus, I had a routine, and I had school that felt like home. I no longer felt like a transfer, but like someone who belonged at UNE, but didn’t get it right the first time!

Your orientation to UNE is fast approaching, and I want to encourage everyone to be open minded and ready to have fun. We’ve got a great team for you, and my goal is to make your transfer orientation as successful and beneficial as mine was. At your orientation, the people around you will understand your transition and your struggles better than anyone else. So let them in; to be friends, to talk, to help, to have fun. Welcome to UNE my fellow Nor’Easters! I’m excited to meet you all soon!

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