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Ryan Keith is the Traiblazer in the Community Orientation Advisor. Contact Ryan at or by calling 207-602-2885

Hey Nor’easters! My name is Ryan Keith and I am Orientation Advisor for the Trailblazer in the Community Program at UNE. I am going to be a Senior and I have been involved with the Trailblazer program every year, either as an incoming student or as an Orientation Leader. The deadline to sign up for Trailblazers is fast approaching (May 31) and I wanted to tell you guys more about it.

The Trailblazer Program is an additional piece to traditional orientation. Each of the Trailblazer programs is made up of a small group of incoming students and Orientation Leaders. This provides a great opportunity to connect with a small group of people instead of trying to connect with a couple hundred. There are also different options for the Trailblazer programs. There is the Trailblazer Outdoor program where guides and students can go either biking, kayaking, camping, or canoeing all while enjoying the great outdoors of Maine! The Trailblazer in the Community program participates in different types of community service in the surrounding areas of UNE. We help out at nursing homes, soup kitchens, trails, the recreation department, animal shelters, and show what the surrounding communities of Biddeford and Southern Maine have to offer.

The Trailblazer programs are a great option for students who want a little extra in their orientation experience. I participated in the Trailblazers in the Community program as an incoming student and it was one of the best decisions my mom made for me. Yes my mom made me come to do community service, but mothers always know best! I am still in contact with many of my peers who also went through the program and this experience has helped my throughout my college career. I am now and Orientation Advisor, the President of Rotaract, and well known leader on campus because of the Trailblazer program.

So remember to sign up if you are interested or if you would like, you can email me or call me at (207)602-2885 and ask me a little about the program or my experience with the Trailblazer program. Can’t wait to see you guys in June!

You can learn more about the Trailblazer programs and register by going to

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