The assignment for this week’s class was to set up a blog in order to test out the design possibilities in WordPress.  Due to events beyond my control, the free site that was to be set up did not materialize.  Consequently, I tried to establish my own WordPress account.

The idea was simply to develop a proof-of-concept.  The resulting site was not to be the final product to be used in class because that, evidently needs to be on the UNE server.  All of the more interesting templates are rather pricey… and I ain’t gonna pay out of pocket for a proof-of-concept.

I tried to soldier on using what was supposed to be a free template, only to find that even the free template had loads of hidden charges associated.  In addition, it would not do what I wanted it to.  The template shows nice images associated with short teaser paragraphs that ought to attract readers to click (I intended for them to go to another blog site with stories specific to the section topic (“pre-1945,” for example). The text appears but not images and I cannot find anyplace in the various controls that allows for me to alter the setting.  In addition, very often when I attempt to make a change the site tries to charge me.

At this stage, I’m frustrated and need to move on to other tasks.  Grumble…

Here’s what I have so far… hopefully I’ll be able to move ahead with a more functional account in the near future.