Contest for Add Verb’s Out Allied Writing Project: creating allies through performance

UNE students and Interns Extraordinaire created this book trailer for Vol. 1 and we’re now pulling together piece for Volume 2. We’re in the final stretch for closing submissions for new works, and wanted to open this to the UNE community.

Announcing a writing contest for UNE writers! With great, writerly prizes. We have three Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance workshops available as prizes for three winners.  The winners will get to select what workshop and when, so there’s a lot of flexibility in the prizes (and our timeline).

Writing Contest: Performing Advocacy
Open to any student at UNE.
Submission must be in a genre that can be performed, rather than  an essay or story:
Scene (naturalistic or more performance art in style)
Spoken word
To support someone who is LGBTQ, or to help an ally better understand about LGBTQ in general.
To do so in a way that doesn’t replicate oppression, but rather looks towards transformation, inspiration, resiliency, joy.
Due Date: October 15, 2013
The winners as well as all submitters will be considered for publication in the upcoming Out & Allied Volume 2.

Volume 1 continues to make an impact–schools, new theatre programs, college LGBTQ groups, and youth leadership programs have adopted the book and it’s 34 performance pieces and activist handbook.

Email Cathy Plourde cplourde1@une for further information, and check this blog for updates and details.




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