Education System

This section of our online magazine for the Post War Era focuses on different aspects of school systems and education itself during the late 1940’s, all of the 1950’s and the early 1960’s. The feature article discusses the creation of school systems and the origin of education within both urban and rural communities. It also discusses the ideas of consolidation and expansionism and the debates that these ideas causes. In the first shortie the idea of violence within the school systems is discussed which was sparked from the fact that enforced education began right after a long period of war time and the children releasing their built up rage on their educators rather their enemies. The second shortie discusses what college was like during the 1950’s (admission process, tuition, class style and offerings, etc). The final shortie talks about the type of jobs that were available to those who did and did not have an education.

Feature Story

The Establishment of Education during the Post War Era in both Urban and Rural Communities 


Violence in the School System

The College Experience 

Job Opportunities with and without an Education 


Return to Teenage Wasteland

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