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About the Authors:

We are all currently freshman at the University of New England participating in a unique course about the history of youth culture that has brought us to create this blog.  Our task is to highlight different aspects of what it is like to be a teen in Post War America:

Halli Bair–  I arrived in the great state of Maine after driving 866 miles from my homeland Columbus, Ohio.  Ohio being landlocked didn’t provide me with much access to marine life, so I searched all over the map.  As a result I found that the University of New England had a great Marine Biology program.  Being here at UNE has provided me with the opportunity of living alongside a beautiful coastline, experiencing vacationland, and truly fulfilling my passion for marine life.

Other than science I love to run, rollerblade, and rock out to good tunes.  This course caught my attention as it focuses on the youth culture groups through out history.  I have chosen to dive into the world of Car Culture, and focus on the subcultures that were created as a result.  Many can recall the sense of freedom you had when taking your first cruise around town, take a peek into how the car was made an icon of 1950’s youth culture.                                                                        

Pierce Lancor – Born and raised in Attleboro, Massachusetts, a city not far outside of nes throw away from the beach, I fell in love with the ocean. This led me to find my school right on the coast of Maine where I am a Marine Biology major with minors in Animal Behavior and Mathematics.

Growing up, my parents and grandparents never allowed us to listen to any of the recent music, giving me an appreciation for the “culture” from their youth. This peaked my interest, and since there is a little rebel in us all, I decided to focus on the rebellion of the Post War Era teenage scene, and what was done to outrage society, or, to be less dramatic, parents.

John Reinbott
–  Hello everyone! My name is John Reinbott, I’m 18 years old and I am from Sparta, New Jersey. From an early age I knew that I had a passion for marine organisms, primarily sharks and whales. This passion lead me to search for a college that offered both marine science and animal behavior majors, which I am currently pursuing now. I hope to obtain a career in studying and helping conserved marine organisms and eventually end up in Hawaii.

As part of my curriculum at UNE I am required to take multiple exploration courses which includes Explorations. While searching for classes to enroll in I stumbled upon Youth Culture, the class in which this blog is for.The topics in which I wrote upon focus on the theme of education. I decided to choose this topic since I am the first person in my family to pursue a four-year college degree. I feel that education is an important thing for all people to have in life and it is interesting to see how aspects of this topic have changed over the years.


Bailey Banville – Hi!  I had the privilege of growing up along Maine’s beautiful seacoast. I have always been interested in science, especially when it comes to medicine. Not only does UNE provide a great medical biology program but it’s located off the coast of Maine. I can fulfill my dream while enjoying the beach at the same time!

I took Youth Culture because I was interested in learning the similarties and differences between my youth and my adult family members’ youth. It was fun to interview my grandmother as she was thrilled to share her experience as a teenager. As someone who enjoys music from many eras, I found this decade of Rock ‘n’ Roll particularly interesting as this genre mainstreamed into popularity with the youth of that day. It made sense to have my focus or theme of the 1950s youth to be related to Rock ‘n’ Roll. I hope you enjoy our project!


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