The 1960s

LSD, the miniskirt, Woodstock, and Vietnam!! An era filled with drugs, protests, change in fashion, and amazing music is the 1960s.

Get to Know the Authors!

Kendall Supple

Hello friends,

My name is Kendall and I’m a nursing major at the University of New England. I have a cairn terrier named Scruffy and l love to ride horses as a hunter/jumper. I watch copious amounts of anime and work as a waitress at Antonio’s Pizza By the Slice! I only drink root beer from IBC bottles because, frankly, it’s just better that way. For my writing pieces, I focused on music of the ’60s, including but not limited to Jimi Hendrix and Woodstock.




Maddie Marchionna



I love dogs and cats, and love to go puppy petting on the weekends. I am recently a marine bio major here at the University of New England and I really like buffalo chicken and ranch dressing. I want a corgi. I wrote articles about drug culture in the ’60s that involved LSD, Ken Kesey and Timothy Leary.




Elizabeth Currie


I love Taylor Swift and all country music, I am not really a fan of T Swift as a pop artist today but still listen to her music. I love cats, driving around, and going on nature walks. I am a med/bio major at the University of New England and say “I don’t know” quite often during the day. I wrote articles about changes in fashion in the 1960s including Swinging London, and the rise of the miniskirt.




Katherine Clark


I am a nursing major here at UNE and am a very studious person. I like to Facetime my older sister and my cat, Buddy. I love the history of the ship the RMS Titanic. I have a fraternal twin, and love to horseback ride. I wrote about protests during the Vietnam War and many events that enraged people about the war such as Agent Orange and the Kent State Shooting.




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